Finding Sinus Pressure Relief

Having sinus pressure can be very hard on a person, but finding the best sinus pressure relief can be a piece of cake.  What we are going to talk about today is more of the natural ways to help a sinus infection. Natural has a lot to do with wonderful spices and plants that can help us humans when we get sick.  We’ll discuss the ones that I find work the best.

If you feel sinus pressure coming on there are a few steps to prevent a full blown infection. Hopefully you can stop it before it gets to the point that you have to go to your family doctor. If you find that some of these remedies do not work, the doctor may have to prescribe an antibiotic for you. Let us first try the natural way and see if you can get relief from these options.

Sinus Pressure ReliefThe first method is called saline washes or saline snorts. The procedure for this treatment is to first mix about half a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Once you have the solution made, the point is to get the mixture into your nasal passages. One way to do this is to get one of the bulb syringes and fill it up with the saline mixture. Then you will need to put the syringe into your nose and squeeze some of the solution into your nose. Make sure that when you squeeze the bulb you also breathe in so that the saline goes into your nasal passage.  If you are having problems breathing in you could try taking a hot shower first to help open your sinuses.  A neti pot also works great.  This project is best done in the bathroom where you can lean over the sink or even the tub because the solution will run back out. Make sure that when you mix your salt and water that you do not put too much salt because this will cause your nose to burn.

Secret Sinus Infection Cure

The second method of relieving sinus pressure is to make a small pillow and fill it with a mixture of oatmeal, lavender and eucalyptus. Once you have this pillow full of the items, you can use it for different pains. If you are experiencing a dull pain in your sinus put the pillow in the refrigerator for a little while then take it out and place it on your face where you are having the pain.  Second if your pain is a sharp pain you can place the pillow into the microwave for about thirty seconds to heat it up and place it on your face. Both of these methods help greatly with sinus pressure.

The third remedy is a Godsend, and a procedure I use religiously.  I can’t give away the recipe, but it is super easy to use, and the ingredients are at every pharmacy.  The website is a bit hockey, I guess you could say.  But don’t let that put you off.  The methods do work.  Best $11 you’ll ever spend.  Read more about this breakthrough sinus remedy here.

Using these techniques can be very helpful with relieving sinus pressure. As a side note, another thing that you will want to make sure that you do is to drink plenty of water while you are suffering from sinus pressure. This will help to keep moisture in your system.

If you are still experiencing sinus problems, here are a few more little things that can give you immediate, temporary, sinus pressure relief.

I have not tried these myself, but they may work for you.

Put either lemon, dried rosemary or even eucalyptus oil in some very hot water and then place a towel over your head and breathe in the steam from this mixture for about 15 minutes. This should open up your nasal passages temporarily and allow you sinuses to drain.

One more natural step to try is a facial massages. This can bring relief to your sinuses also. Start by rubbing over your eyebrows and then under your eyes and down to your cheeks, make sure that you rub toward the center of your face.  Any of these steps should help you with sinus pressure relief.