Are you experiencing the following:puffy eyes, a constant headache around the eyes, facial pain, recurring and persistent sore throat, tooth ache, constant nasal congestion, sensitivity to bright lights, thick and discolored nasal discharge, infection of the inner ear and/or an unrelenting cough brought by thick mucus?

That is no longer the symptoms of the common cold, but a viral sinus infection.

In general, sinus infection is cause by various factors like virus, bacteria, fungi, pollution and allergic reactions to some elements like dust or pollen. In most cases, the initial cause is a virus such as the common cold or viral influenza.

Having a viral sinus infection is both bad and good.

THE BAD:  Since this infection is caused by a virus, it doesn’t have a cure or a vaccine just like the common cold.

THE GOOD:  In normal cases the infection will just go away in about 10 days time on its on.

THE BAD:  You have to wait it out for 10 whole days!

Viral Sinus Infection

The Flu Virus (Brown) Invading Cells

There are a few sinus infection home remedies you can use to make your situation tolerable.   These remedies include drinking ample amount of fluids, using a warm compress on the face and inhaling steam from a basin of warm water to open the nasal passages.  In addition, having a humidifier will help you sleep at night by easing your sinus pain and maybe even opening up your sinuses.

Be careful with using antibiotics since they are not intended for viruses but bacteria.  If the infection goes beyond 10 days such a condition in most likelihood is now a bacterial sinus infection which would require another approach in treatment. It would be good to consult a physician for the proper remedy when such case occurs. Improperly using antibiotics will make the medication ineffective for treating infection cause by bacteria should you get an infection later on.

How can you effectively steer clear of viral sinus infection?

Well they say prevention is better than a cure so keep in mind a number of simple and practical things that will help you prevent from acquiring this affliction. Maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle. Take vitamins such as vitamin C, eat lots of fruits and vegetables especially those foods high in antioxidants.

Don’t Feel Like ‘Waiting It Out’ For The Full 10 Days?

This is where the Secret Sinus Infection Cure comes in.  Cheesy name, the website itself may even seem a little hokey, but the results will blow your mind.

The Secret Sinus Infection Cure guide teaches you about 5 very common ingredients that you mix together and spray up your nose the same way you would Afrin.

Unlike Afrin, this spray doesn’t just temporarily open your nostrils, it kills whatever bacteria, virus, or fungus you may have growing in your sinuses while cleaning away contaminants like dust and allergens.  Within 24 hours you’ll feel like a brand new person.

In addition, the book gives you a ‘maintenance plan’ to prevent your sinus problems from coming back.  If you are one of the unfortunate people who get frequent sinus infections, then this book is right up your alley.

The website may seem hokey, but it’s the best $11 I’ve ever spent (the ingredients cost less than $10).  With a 90 day money back guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

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